Our project is included in the investment projects approved by the National Investment Commission and
the Iraqi Ministry of Transportion , and they are also registered in the UK the service was launched at the
beginning of 2018 in the Najaf province, and then expanded to include Baghdad, Erbil, Babylon, Karbala
and Fallujah .Soon Basra and all of Iraq’s provinces will be covered.

GPS in all cars

Gone are the days when taxi drivers had to rely on their own knowledge to find the best route. Our cars are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation devices so that our drivers can get you where you’re going as fast as possible.

Wherever you need us

Whether you’re at home, in the city or at the bar, we’ll pick you up wherever you like. Just call us and let us know which type of vehicle you’d like.

Obr Taxi ..It is specialized

in the field of road transport technology, and it is one of the elite group companies that

The services provided

obr taxi for General Transport, through coordination between the
company and public facilities, provides many
services to establishments the work more smoothly.
Through its APP, the company provides services in all provinces of
Iraq to serve customers in Iraq,
as well as the arrivals to Iraq through international airports, and the
company expresses its willingness to submit
public offers to the provinces departments and the public sector.
Providing transportation services inside and outside the provinces of
Iraq using the advanced Obr Taxi system
Set prices according to a system that linked to electronic meters that
work on all cars

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